Understanding Glass Joint Tips And Their Origin


Cannabis has been used for an untold amount of years for a variety of reasons. The present time is upgrading the way a joint is smoked by using a pipe or a tip. Though a joint tip can be made from clay, wood or any other material a grade a glass tips is the best way to smoke an herb or tobacco because they do not add any other flavor. There was a time when wood was used extensively because they imparted new tastes to the smoke. But with the growth of newer variants of the herbs, the trend has moved towards glass pipes as per www.herb.co/.

It is pure, an undiluted experience of using a glass tip that has made them so popular. But it is not only the function that has put them so much in demand. It is the beauty of a wonderfully made glass tip that attracts the consumer too. From simple, clear glass tips to creative and colorful tips the market is flooded with ingenious creations. A simple glass tip is a simple see-through tip. While the more complicated ones include cooling chambers, helical smoke compartments, and more than one chamber. The art of making a joint glass tip requires specific formulas and untold skill. They are now harder to make than everyday window panes.

A glass tip is available for every style preference. From ones that shine like brilliant gemstones to filters that remade by thin hair strands of woven glass. One can find any colour, cut and polish they prefer. The honeycomb glass tips are made by first blowing the glass into a big bubble. Then a hexagonal pattern is applied on it, and the bubble is allowed to collapse on itself. These are not mass-produced, and every individual piece is made with care by an artist.

The most basic glass pipe or tip is called a chillum. These are just small glass tubes into which the herb is packed from one end and the brunt from the other. Because they are so simple, there is no tool to clear away the smoke easily. Therefore, these must be used for only small quantities of herb smoking. Besides chillum, spoons, Sherlock or Gandalf pipes and steam rollers are some of the other kinds of glass pipes available.

The question of a glass tip or pipe is for you then it can be answered easily. If you feel a clean taste glass tips are for you, this is the best option, as they are noncombustible and non-porous. Because glass offers such artistic designs from dragons to serpents to flowers, the form can appeal to anyone especially artists and creators. For pipes, the pro is that they do not require paper. One can stuff the herb right into the pipe, and smoke worry free of toxins that may arise by burning paper. Thus, pipes also become the healthier option as compared to traditional methods.

These are also easy to clean. Therefore, for hygiene fanatics, this is a huge plus. Since there are no cavities in pipes and tips made of glass there is no place for bacteria to grow to make them an even better option.