Picking Your First Hunting Rifle? Read This First!

Hunting Rifle

Anyone who is passionate about hunting would surely make the first step in buying a rifle for themselves at some point in their life. But once you decide to buy a rifle and step into the store, you are greeted by a wide variety of options that leave you confused where to start and how to choose. The most famous rifle sellers, Steelos Guns and Outdoor tactical Perth provide a wide assortment of quality rifles that leaves even the most experienced shooters pampered for choices. The camping website, www.campingintheforest.co.uk/ also recommends a detailed study about rifles before choosing the first hunting rifle for a camping trip.

There are mainly two categories of rifle shooters. The novice shooters and the experienced shooters. Novice shooters are the younger lots. They are the pre-teenagers or teenagers or maybe even the adults who get interested in shooting and hunting at a later stage of their life. In such cases, it is better that a novice shooter selects a rifle that is easy to operate and has a tolerable recoil.

Learn About Rifle Actions
If you are a novice shooter, then you probably need a rifle that is easy to handle. It should be easy to clean, unload and load. This particularity helps you to narrow down the choices to mainly two types of rifle actions- bolt-action and break-action.

The single-shot rifles in both the action types are the best choice for pre-teens. The parents or elders accompanying them can safely trust them with a single shot rifle. One shot is just enough for hunting down an animal. The elders accompanying them can also easily ensure whether the gun is loaded or not. A teen or adult who is a novice shooter can opt for a magazine fed rifle. Usually, militaries start training teens from the age of 18 to shoot using a rifle.

Still and bolt actions are always the best choice for novice users. These are much easier to maintain and can be used easily under stress. However, if the teacher and student are both ready to put in some extra effort and diligence, then they can master the usage of a pump, semi-automatic or a lever rifle.

Caliber To Choose The Caliber!
Choosing the rifle caliber is also equally important. Other than the low recoil, the ranges of the shoot and the animal which is to be hunted help in determining the caliber needed. Usually, novices start their hunting lessons with the most common game animal in North America, the deer! Since deer are not much robust, they don’t require powerful magnum or hard recoils. The 30-30 Winchester is the ideal choice for hunting deer. Another good option would be the 243 Winchester. It has a low and good recoil and has proven to be a great choice for deer hunting. If the ranges extend beyond 200 yards, you could try 257 Roberts, 260 Remington, 25-06 Remington and 6.5 x 55mm Swedish rifles.

If you intend to hunt much larger animals like moose or elk, then the 260, 6.5 x 55 and 25-06 are still good provided the range is chosen at a reasonable value. Some other choices, in this case, are 7 x 57mm Mauser, 308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor and 270 Winchester.

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