Tips For Building Your Own Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag1

Catastrophe can happen anytime and it is hard to predict in most cases. However, you can be prepared to enhance your chances of survival in the event of a catastrophe. Making a bug out bag is an important effort to safeguard you and your family during a catastrophe event. Wondering What to put in your bug out bag? Read this article to find out. In simple words, a bug out bag is nothing but a bag with various items that will help you survive when any sort of disaster strikes. Usually, this bag helps you survive 72 hours after a natural disaster. Some bags are even designed and put together to help the person survive for many days. You can also visit to learn more about making a bug out bag.

The first thing to remember is ease of carry. Make sure the bug out bag does not weigh more than 25% of your total body weight; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to carry the bag. An overweight bag can affect your mobility, thereby reducing your survival chances.

There are many things to keep in mind when making bug out bag. It should be created according to the region and climate. For example, if you are living in an area where there are higher chances of an earthquake, then you should pack a bag accordingly. The important items that should be inside the bag are emergency blankets, sleeping bag, poncho, fire starting kit, tent, tarp, spare clothes, water, ration, hydration bladder, can opener, flashlight, emergency radio, compass, laminated map, cell phone cable, first aid kit, bug repellant, wet naps and many more.

There are many websites that will provide you with tips on building your own bug out bag. You should include your passport or some sort of identification in your bug out bag. This helps the government identify you quickly. A valid ID also helps you access your bank account and your assets. Don’t forget to carry enough hard cash, even though you may have lots of money in your account. Carrying cash is important when there is no proper access to electronic means like ATM, credit cards. ATM machines and swiping cards may not always work in the event of severe natural disasters like cyclone and earthquake.

As stated earlier, you can find plenty of websites providing tips for building a bug out bag. The list of items to include may vary from one website to website and this may confuse you. Therefore, take some time to build a bug out bag that is the best for you. Comparing different guides to see which items are really needed enhances your survival chances in the area you live.

Some people may build a wonderful bug out bag, but they will not know how to use all the items in the bag. Knowing how to use each item is very important. Practice using all the items regularly, so that you can act swiftly in the event of natural disaster. Nowadays, natural disasters and catastrophes are happening frequently in many parts of the country. You may not know when such things can happen in the area you live. Having a bug out bag enhances your peace of mind and keeps you prepared for the worst.

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Picking Your First Hunting Rifle? Read This First!

Hunting Rifle

Anyone who is passionate about hunting would surely make the first step in buying a rifle for themselves at some point in their life. But once you decide to buy a rifle and step into the store, you are greeted by a wide variety of options that leave you confused where to start and how to choose. The most famous rifle sellers, Steelos Guns and Outdoor tactical Perth provide a wide assortment of quality rifles that leaves even the most experienced shooters pampered for choices. The camping website, also recommends a detailed study about rifles before choosing the first hunting rifle for a camping trip.

There are mainly two categories of rifle shooters. The novice shooters and the experienced shooters. Novice shooters are the younger lots. They are the pre-teenagers or teenagers or maybe even the adults who get interested in shooting and hunting at a later stage of their life. In such cases, it is better that a novice shooter selects a rifle that is easy to operate and has a tolerable recoil.

Learn About Rifle Actions
If you are a novice shooter, then you probably need a rifle that is easy to handle. It should be easy to clean, unload and load. This particularity helps you to narrow down the choices to mainly two types of rifle actions- bolt-action and break-action.

The single-shot rifles in both the action types are the best choice for pre-teens. The parents or elders accompanying them can safely trust them with a single shot rifle. One shot is just enough for hunting down an animal. The elders accompanying them can also easily ensure whether the gun is loaded or not. A teen or adult who is a novice shooter can opt for a magazine fed rifle. Usually, militaries start training teens from the age of 18 to shoot using a rifle.

Still and bolt actions are always the best choice for novice users. These are much easier to maintain and can be used easily under stress. However, if the teacher and student are both ready to put in some extra effort and diligence, then they can master the usage of a pump, semi-automatic or a lever rifle.

Caliber To Choose The Caliber!
Choosing the rifle caliber is also equally important. Other than the low recoil, the ranges of the shoot and the animal which is to be hunted help in determining the caliber needed. Usually, novices start their hunting lessons with the most common game animal in North America, the deer! Since deer are not much robust, they don’t require powerful magnum or hard recoils. The 30-30 Winchester is the ideal choice for hunting deer. Another good option would be the 243 Winchester. It has a low and good recoil and has proven to be a great choice for deer hunting. If the ranges extend beyond 200 yards, you could try 257 Roberts, 260 Remington, 25-06 Remington and 6.5 x 55mm Swedish rifles.

If you intend to hunt much larger animals like moose or elk, then the 260, 6.5 x 55 and 25-06 are still good provided the range is chosen at a reasonable value. Some other choices, in this case, are 7 x 57mm Mauser, 308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor and 270 Winchester.

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6 Tips For Property Hunters


The process of buying a new home is a daunting task. You are tempted to buy the first property that appeals to you or continue to look for the best one that fits your budget. If you read the newspaper, you will see that Hilton Head Island homes for sale is attracting plenty of buyers than any other property. To maximize your buying experience, you must sign up on a reliable real estate website like to receive instant notifications.

While you go through the message alerts, here are few tips to help you find the home that you are looking for.

Identify Your Lifestyle
When you set about to buy a new home, you must first look at your lifestyle. Do you reside with your family or do you travel frequently? You will be surprised at the number of options when you buy a residential property. There are choices of a conventional-styled home, condo, beach properties, and an apartment. Once you decide which type of home to buy, you can narrow them further by fixing an upper-limit on the budget.

Are you looking for specific features like a large kitchen or bedroom? Sit down and make a list of all the needs and wants. It can include the location, the neighborhood type, and right down to the basics like the style of kitchen and bedroom layout.

Sign Up On Realtor’s Websites
There are reliable real estate websites that list properties by their location, price, and other features. It is not possible to sit in the confines of your home and find the fast selling property in your area. You must enable push notifications on your phone, and you will receive an alert when there are suitable homes near you.

For best results, choose a website that has MLS or multiple listing service features. You will not miss out on important updates, and you have better choices as well.

Ask yourself how much mortgage you are eligible for. Based on your credit score, financial history, and current job, your lending bank will grant you a loan. This means if you are eyeing the $260,000 villa and your lenders provide you $2000, 000, you must reconsider your buying options.

Find A Real Estate Agent
One size does not fit all, and you must hire agents who are smart and updated on all the information. Few agents have good contacts, while others may work part-time. You must get in touch with an agent who can ease your process of property hunting. The internet has had several major advances, and it is a progressive move if you can find a professional who will be able to help you out.

Make An Offer They Can’t Resist
You should have a strong reason for the seller to hand the keys of the home to you. Make an aggressive offer that will stand out from the others. In the current bullish market, real estate agents quickly go through all the offers and choose the ones that are best for their clients.

Some buyers offer thousands of dollars more than the listing price. If you want to be in the race, you have to bid high or give up on your dreams of owning a fancy home this year.

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7 Reasons Why You Must Vacation In San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

If you have got the passport pages stamped for your holiday to San Francisco, the city has plenty to offer with respect to entertainment and attractions. For the best and unique experiences here, curates a list of must-do and must-see places in San Francisco. Here are few things that you should not miss on your next holiday to SF.

Golden Gate Bridge
Spanning a total distance of 1.7-miles, this famous bridge sees a footfall of 120,000 automobiles on a daily basis. There is a pedestrian walkway that allows for movement on foot, and you can ride a bike on the western side of this famous bridge.

Hop on a cable car
Cable cars have been around the city since the 19th century. There are separate tracks for their movement and are powered by an underground cable. You can hear the familiar sound of the bells from a distance. Purchase your tickets from the turnarounds located at the end of each route and enjoy a spectacular view of the hills from these cable cars.

Alcatraz Cruises
Right in the middle of San Francisco Bay, you can find the Alcatraz prison on an island that bears the same name as the prison. History has it that criminals were imprisoned here and there has been no record of a successful escape from the heavily guarded cells. The doors were closed in 1960, and ever since, the stories that surround the prison have been legendary.

You can take part in the guided tours that allow visitors to learn about its history in time. It is recommended that you take the Alcatraz cruise to reach the island.

Photograph Sea Lions
The most talked about PIER 39 is a marketplace that has a festive air surrounding it. This waterfront market area is located in Fisherman’s Wharf, and you can watch sea lions near the floats of the market. Visitors to PIER 39 do not miss the opportunity to catch some of the sea lions’ antics.
Located at a stone throw’s distance is the San Francisco Dungeon, Madame Tussauds and Ripley’s. Enjoy delicious shrimp cocktails while on the go.

If you enjoy shopping, do not miss Union Square that is home to some of the biggest brands and boutiques stores like Post and Powell.

Discover North Beach
This popular tourist spot is a cozy area that is filled with European –style restaurants and cafes by the sidewalk. Landmarks like Church of Saint Peters and Paul, the Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill is a vantage point for selfies. If you have time, go inside the tower and enjoy the mural paintings that showcase early San Francisco.

Spend A Day In Chinatown
The entrance to Chinatown is called “Dragon’s Gate” and is located in Grant Avenue and Bush Street. You are transported to another world when you watch the activities in the 24 blocks. It is best to explore this place on foot so you can look at exotic shops, restaurants, temples, museums and markets located within the vicinity.

Wind up the afternoon after feasting on dim-sums or watch the making of the famous fortune cookies.

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Understanding Glass Joint Tips And Their Origin


Cannabis has been used for an untold amount of years for a variety of reasons. The present time is upgrading the way a joint is smoked by using a pipe or a tip. Though a joint tip can be made from clay, wood or any other material a grade a glass tips is the best way to smoke an herb or tobacco because they do not add any other flavor. There was a time when wood was used extensively because they imparted new tastes to the smoke. But with the growth of newer variants of the herbs, the trend has moved towards glass pipes as per

It is pure, an undiluted experience of using a glass tip that has made them so popular. But it is not only the function that has put them so much in demand. It is the beauty of a wonderfully made glass tip that attracts the consumer too. From simple, clear glass tips to creative and colorful tips the market is flooded with ingenious creations. A simple glass tip is a simple see-through tip. While the more complicated ones include cooling chambers, helical smoke compartments, and more than one chamber. The art of making a joint glass tip requires specific formulas and untold skill. They are now harder to make than everyday window panes.

A glass tip is available for every style preference. From ones that shine like brilliant gemstones to filters that remade by thin hair strands of woven glass. One can find any colour, cut and polish they prefer. The honeycomb glass tips are made by first blowing the glass into a big bubble. Then a hexagonal pattern is applied on it, and the bubble is allowed to collapse on itself. These are not mass-produced, and every individual piece is made with care by an artist.

The most basic glass pipe or tip is called a chillum. These are just small glass tubes into which the herb is packed from one end and the brunt from the other. Because they are so simple, there is no tool to clear away the smoke easily. Therefore, these must be used for only small quantities of herb smoking. Besides chillum, spoons, Sherlock or Gandalf pipes and steam rollers are some of the other kinds of glass pipes available.

The question of a glass tip or pipe is for you then it can be answered easily. If you feel a clean taste glass tips are for you, this is the best option, as they are noncombustible and non-porous. Because glass offers such artistic designs from dragons to serpents to flowers, the form can appeal to anyone especially artists and creators. For pipes, the pro is that they do not require paper. One can stuff the herb right into the pipe, and smoke worry free of toxins that may arise by burning paper. Thus, pipes also become the healthier option as compared to traditional methods.

These are also easy to clean. Therefore, for hygiene fanatics, this is a huge plus. Since there are no cavities in pipes and tips made of glass there is no place for bacteria to grow to make them an even better option.

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Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are multipurpose vehicles which are used for a variety of purposes ranging from travelling and camping to full time living (for which they are parked in particular trailer parks). Recreational vehicles are also widely called mobile homes or motor homes. It’s important to weigh both costs and benefits of owning as well as renting a recreational vehicle because a rash or careless decision can cost you a significant sum of money. Luxurious recreational vehicles are available both for sale and leasing. Recreational vehicles, whether leased or owned offer various benefits some of which are; you do not have to sit between two heavy individuals in a plane, bus or train, you do not need to unpack on reaching your destination, dismissing the first costs recreational vehicles help you save both cost of lodging and travelling and you’ve got ample space and privacy of a room together with a private bathroom.

Types of Recreational Vehicles

There are numerous types of recreational vehicles to pick from in the event that you’re thinking to rent or purchase one. Some of the most common types are discussed below:

Pop up – Pop up is a sort of recreational vehicle that can accommodate two to eight people and is essentially a tent on wheels. With a stove top and sink and storage compartments it’s far more convenient than conventional kayak camping. Most experts recommend a pop up in the event that you’re going to buy your first recreational vehicle. Pop ups are cheap for many people with costs of fresh pop ups ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 and second hand pop ups ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on age and condition.

Truck Camper – Truck camper is among the most popular kinds of recreational vehicles which may be detached from a truck that could be your mode of transportation on days where you do not plan on camping. Various versions of truck campers are available varying in style, quality and functionality depend mostly on your budget and requirements. New truck dealerships cost somewhere between $8,000 to $22,000 (excluding the truck). Cost of second hand truck dealerships vary between $1,000 to $8,000 based on age, depreciation and quality.

Class B – Class B is a sort of recreational vehicles that includes fancy vans having full-sized motor homes which are more comfortable and lavish the two types mentioned previously. Most class B vehicles include amenities like shower (in some versions), bathroom, kitchen, TV, refrigerator, sofas and beds. Prices of course B recreational vehicles range from $33,000 to $55,000 for new ones and $5,000 to $15,000 for used ones based on mileage, age and depreciation.

Class C – Also referred to as the mini-motor homes category C recreational vehicles are smaller than full size motor homes yet offer all the benefits of motor homes. Accommodating between three to six individuals, class C recreational vehicles cost anywhere between $46,000 to $65,000 for new ones and $5,000 to $20,000 for used ones based on depreciation, age, mileage, amenities and manufacturer.

Class A – Class A recreational vehicles is a sort of recreational vehicles which is excellent for serious RVers. Class A recreational vehicles are spacious, comfortable and luxurious and cost a arm and a leg. They are most popular with retired couples and cost between $50,000 to $500,000 and $8,000 to $200,000 for new and used class A recreational vehicles based on make, size, amenities, depreciation and age.

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The Best Sources of Information on Aviation

We currently reside in what is called the information age. This is because the main resource that everyone can get is information. The web happens to be the largest source of information that we now have and it covers nearly every topic. Many firms, individuals, organizations, institutions and other groups have some type of web presence where they share information about themselves, their interests and their areas of expertise. Since the Internet doesn’t have moderators to test on all content that’s posted online, there’s currently lots of misleading, deceptive and even dangerous information available to all.

Since aviation is an extremely sensitive undertaking, it’s very important to make sure that all the information which those working in the market eat is accurate. This is only possible by making sure that your sources of information are reliable, professional and can be trusted. Pilots, engineers, flight attendants, air traffic controllers and other ground crew have to keep themselves up to date on domestic and global aviation difficulties. While getting the right national information might be a much simpler affair, the global issues might not be as straight forward.

Establishing reliable news and information stations online will require a whole lot of research. You’ll have to compare what’s presented in 1 website with other resources. This may involve sending emails or calling federal aviation bodies in the concerned states. The federal aviation organizations will in just about all cases give you the proper information. If you’re able to corroborate the majority of the information offered in a specific site, then you can consider them as a trustworthy source.

With the world wide web however, it’s necessary to counter check information as some resources will be great today and neglect the credibility test the following day. Until a specific source has proved reliable over time, regular checks and counter checks must be run. With constantly changing rules and regulations, it’s important to be certain you have the most current and most accurate information.

Reputable news channels are another great source of aviation information. Though they might not have extensive information especially on which they may consider to be minor problems, they’ll keep you updated on important aviation related happenings around the world. Based on the reports suggested, you may have to confirm the story since there are sometimes mistakes made by journalists when reporting.

Similar to other professions, working as a pilot or at any other place in the aviation sector will require continuous reading. Books are among the very best and most reliable sources of aviation information. You will seldom find publishers publishing books which are misleading or comprising inaccuracies. A reading professional is unquestionably a major professional. With the right quality of information, those working in the aviation sector will have the ability to give improved services to their customers.

As a bush and airborne survey pilot. I have been through the entire process of pilot training from a Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating through to a Commercial Pilot License.

I understand how difficult it is to break in the aviation business when one has little if any experience. I’ve therefore created site and aviation information directory: Global Aviation Guide, for pilots, flight engineers, cabin crew, and aviation fans. In the Global Aviation Guide site you’ll find plenty of aviation articles, aviation jobs, flight schools, and general aviation information.

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